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Latest Reviews

The Terminator: The Musical
“It will not stop until we are all dead. Which is a shame.”
Bi-sexual Bagel Emporium
As tasty as your first drunken kiss - 4 stars
Thomas The Tank
A funny and moving little play about the hazards of ball games.
Windows 98: The Musical
This Musical Will Steal Your Personal Data - 1 star
Dennis Battenberg 1931 - 2020
Wish I could give him 3.5 stars
Wood Green Christmas Tree Burning
Hot Miracle - 5 stars
The Sausage Dog
This is a brilliant brilliant show, and I say that without reservation. I can't think why I didn't give it 5 stars
Oxford English Dictionary 3rd Edition
As they say in the new English…Not good book. Make eyes hurt.
A Date with Sally Giles
Sally Giles - A lovely Person, but she should never eat in Public - 1 green tinged star
Los Viejos Cubanos: Party like it’s 1919
See them before they're all dead. Which could be quite soon.
Chicken Villa
A daring new chicken shop pushing the boundaries of chicken products you can safely eat from a bucket.
The Tiny Feet
Not for all, especially people that don't like singing - but if you LOVE singing then this is the show for you. Definitely. But you have to really really love singing
Undeniable Cock That Everyone Hated
A clever man - but a true cock.
Dawn French: French Dawn
If ever there was a reason for revolution, this is it.
Feet Tidying with David Duchovney
Duchovney is simply the cherry on the top of the foot-shaped cake. A wonderful show for untidy-footed-adults.
Ahoy Treacle!
A triumph of privilege over comedy. Well worth the £58 ticket price.
Wankers – variety show. Tales of wanking.
Better off save the money and have a quiet night in.
Help! I can’t get my penis out of this thing!
As we leave the theatre, Marcus is being seen-to by a few members of the St Johns Ambulance in an embarrassing silence.
You are Gay
This is a truly life-changing show and I recommend it to everyone.
Spanish Graphs
A thrilling combination of dance and maths.
Jesus Christ – a story
I’ve never seen a show that is better suited for children. I can imagine this is going to be very popular - even with some adults. Wonderful.
Shane Bewilder’s temple of hypnosis
Has anyone seen my wallet?
Autopsy - live
A wonderful show for all the family - except maybe elderly relatives.